15 Design Examples So Unlikely You Can’t Believe They Really Happened

Design, in addition to making objects more aesthetic, has the power to facilitate the small gestures of everyday life. In theory … because it often happens that…


16 Design Ideas To Use As A Starting Point For Renovating Your Home

When we set foot in a new home, we try in every way to give our own style to the environment: special curtains, sophisticated furniture, are all…


When Design Leaves You Perplexed. 17 Objects In Front Of Which You Don’t Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry

” Design ” is not always synonymous with something beautiful. On the contrary, it often happens that objects considered as revolutionary, original or particularly innovative by their creators…


19 Designers Who Deserve An Award For Their Great Work

Creativity can transform something boring into an impressive object. When we understand the importance of the designer in our daily life we ​​can appreciate that…


19 Design Examples So Devoid Of Logic That They Should Push These Designers To Change Their Profession.

It is always pleasant to deal with objects, places, accessories, and devices that simplify our daily life. Moreover, this is what technical and technological progress should be…

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