He Creates Mesmerizing Geometric Artwork On Beaches Using Colored Stones.

In Wales, there is a representative of the “Land Art” who has made the ideal environment of the beaches of Northern Europe the perfect setting…


Researcher Creates Artificial Leaf That Turns Carbon Dioxide Into Eco-friendly Fuel.

A team of scientists and researchers from the University of Waterloo said they had found a novel solution to transforming carbon dioxide into liquid fuel…


This Artist Creates Animals In Carded Wool That Seem Alive: Here Are Her Most Beautiful Works .

Anna Yastrezhembovskaya knew about carded wool games when she was a young mother of two small children: she saw dolls with incredibly realistic features, but…


This Japanese Artist Creates Spectacular Dioramas With Everyday Objects: They Are True Miniature Worlds.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step into the shoes of creatures much smaller than us , who see the world around them…


This Man Walks In The Snow And Creates Gigantic Works That Enchant With Their Ephemeral Beauty.

Sometimes we witness such original and unusual artistic manifestations that make us wonder how it was possible to give birth to such special ideas. Even though we are sure…

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