He Installs An Electric Fence To Prevent Children From Entering His Lawn: This Man Divides Public Opinion.

What is the right balance between the right to peace and respect for others? It’s very difficult to answer a question like this, especially in neighborhood contexts,…


Domestic Cat Sacrifices Life To Protect Two Children From Deadly Snake Bite

Heroes don’t always wear a mask or cape, they don’t always climb buildings or run at incredible speed to save people. There are little heroes, who often…


Marcel Marceau, The Mime Who Managed To Save Hundreds Of Jewish Children With Silence

There are stories and people, in the midst of the events that make up History, the one with a capital letter told in school books,…


15 Cats Who Don’t Need DNA Testing To Prove They Are Parents And Children

Did you know? A cat can be pregnant by different males, so kittens from the same litter can have multiple sires. That’s why you can never know what…

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