She Finds Her Cat Missing For 8 Months: She Recognized Her Meowing During A Phone Call

The disappearance of a pet is great distress for its masters: cats and dogs, left free, often get lost and cannot find their way home. This…


The Cat Stays Quiet Under The Desk During The Lesson: The Student Brought Him To The University In Secret.

Cat owners know it’s not always easy to say goodbye. You might want to stay home and cuddle your purring cat for a few more minutes,…


How “Psychopathic” Is Your Cat? Researchers Develop A Questionnaire To Find Out.

Have you ever wondered what your cat thinks when he watches you, or even just when he defecates? Let’s face it: sometimes, the behavior of our feline friends…


The Cat Born With Four Ears Has Become The New Instagram Star.

On Instagram, millions of users follow the lives of their friends, influencers, and celebrities with interest. Instagram is where people talk about themselves, expose themselves and…


Valkyrie, The Human-faced Cat Who Charms Thousands Of People Around The World With Her Expressions

There are animals that are true messengers of nature, even among the species that we consider more “common” and in a certain sense “obvious”. In fact,…

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