This Mini-dome-shaped Home Is Modern, Comfortable, And Costs As Much As A Car.

Mini houses are a trend in housing that has been booming in recent years in various parts of the world. More and more people have decided to…


A Farmer Parks His Car In The “Wrong” Place And Finds A Grave From 3,500 Years Ago.

In August 2018, a farmer living in the northern part of the island of Crete, in the region of Ierapetra, made an incredible discovery: unbeknownst to him, a 3,400-year-old tomb dating…


Three Young Mechanics Transform A Car Into An Auto “Powered” By A Tandem.

How far can creativity go? Such a question would undoubtedly deserve a very long answer but one thing is certain: we sometimes witness such unique experiences that we do not know…


She Parks Her Car In A Prohibited Parking Zone And Interferes With The Work Of A Team Of Workers: They Take Revenge.

Is it useful to take revenge on a person who has done a wrong? Certainly not: implementing a revenge plan doesn’t help eliminate the problem encountered, but it…


He Buys A Car For 45,000 Euros For An Experiment, He Replaces The Wheels With Those Of A Cart

Car enthusiast WhistlinDiesel shared his experimentation with his fans on various social channels he bought a beautiful bright red Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat and replaced the wheels…


This Car Recharges In The Sun: It Can Do Up To 1600 Km With A “Full Tank” And Has Performance Worthy Of A Supercar

In recent years, many innovations have emerged in the automotive field, many of which have been marked by the ever greater need to combine daily…

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