Photographer Captures The Moment An Orangutan Reaches Out To A Man In His Willingness To Help

While surfing the web, it often happens to come across images and videos that depict primates in attitudes and situations bordering on believable. Even if they…


Photographer Captures Rare, Spellbinding Blue Eyes Of Indonesian Tribesmen.

We are surrounded by diversity, which makes each of us unique. There are animals, cultures, and people of incredible beauty and – very often – we…


Photographer Captures The Exact Moment A Whale Catches A Boat Emerging From The Water.

In the right place at the right time. Anyone who is passionate about photography, or working in a professional capacity, knows how important it is for this…


Woman Connects Camera To Bird Feeder And Captures 20 Stunning Images

The beauty of birds is unique. Their vivid colors make them one of the animals most admired by people. When Lisa moved from Germany to Michigan,…

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