Blue-ray Is Captured From The International Space Station.

Scientists saw a bright blue beam shooting upward from the clouds. Blue lightning emissions can be difficult to detect from the ground, as these electrical discharges arise…


The Last Moments Of A Family Of Dolphins. The Mother Hugs Around Them Before Being Captured.

In Taiji, Japan, each year comes the tragic season of dolphin hunting, an event which is repeated with the same cruelty and which results in the…


16 People Captured Strange Moments In Australia, Showing Us A Whole Different World

Australia is a country admired by many maybe because of its remoteness, maybe because Christmas is celebrated in shorts or, maybe, because koalas and kangaroos…


20+ Endearing Photos Of Animals That Captured Their Gestures At The Exact Moment

We have all been caught “red-handed” on occasion, doing something we shouldn’t have, or in a comic situation, it is something common for humans to…

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