The Cat Born With Four Ears Has Become The New Instagram Star.

On Instagram, millions of users follow the lives of their friends, influencers, and celebrities with interest. Instagram is where people talk about themselves, expose themselves and…


A Shark Is Born In A Pool Populated Exclusively By Females: A Rare Event.

The birth of a smooth baby missile (Mustelus mustelus), who came into the world against all odds and – apparently – against the most basic laws of…


A Couple With Dwarfism Has Three Children, The Last One Was Born With A “Standard” Size .

What can be considered “different” and what, on the contrary, is “normal”? Charli Worgan and her husband Cullen Adams have often been viewed as different because they both carry rare…


17 People So Ingenious They Seem Like They Were Born To Solve Problems

Who said you needed an engineering degree to be a great ” inventor “? The solutions to many small and large everyday problems are often closer and simpler…

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