It Is Called The Parrot “Dracula” But Its Appearance Should Not Be Misleading, This Bird Eats Only Seeds And Fruits.

The Pesquet’s parrot (Psittrichas fulgidus), also called the “Dracula parrot” in some parts of the world, is a splendid specimen of medium to large size, with predominantly black…


This Bird Is Half Male And Half Female, A Rare Genetic Condition That Gives It An Unusual Appearance

An extremely fascinating and rare species of bird have been observed: a half-vermilion, half-turtledove cardinal. The anomaly is called ” bilateral gynandromorphism ” half of the animal’s body is…


A Photographer Captured A Charcoal Of Sophie, A Bird That Looks Like A Fairy Tale

These images seem like a gift these days There are millions of species in the world that we do not know yet. Every day it even…

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