17 Photos Of Suspicious Renovations

The question that comes to mind when we look at this list is, what exactly went wrong? Did these repairs not give the desired result? Perhaps these are renovations at a lower cost? Whatever the answer to this question, we do not exclude that these images are simply the result of very questionable taste. But you know that all tastes are in nature so let’s take a look at some of the more bizarre remedies that have ended up falling victim to judgment on the web.

#1. A bathtub on the edge of the steps.

image credit: Venessa Van Winkle

#2. Discordant measures.

image credit: nothatmadmax

#3. A romantic touch, and hell for hygienic people.

image credit: Venessa Van Winkle

#4. Stairs that would put a strain on even an experienced climber.

image credit: palegreycells

#5. A chandelier not exactly centered …

image credit: Venessa Van Winkle

#6. All this is normal except for the asymmetry that reigns on the facade of this building.

image credit: meltingtab

#7. Little was needed.

image credit: lettersanddots

#8.It is always good to keep windows warm during the winter.

image credit: Prostoilogin

#9. Kitchen-bathroom area.

image credit: Venessa Van Winkle

#10. “Rental of a studio equipped only with toilets.”

image credit: Venessa Van Winkle

#11. It is well known that when you do not have a hood, you can still use a classical string piano.

image credit: pleasehatethesethings

#12. A comfortable lounge to enjoy your rotating machines.

image credit: pleasehatethesethings

#13. How not to use a door.

image credit: pleasehatethesethings

#14. Was there no money for the patio?

image credit: pleasehatethesethings

#15. Only for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

image credit: orangejuice1234

#16. When you close a door …

image credit: Tseunov

#17. To always stay in good company.

image credit: Venessa Van Winke

With this short gallery, we hope we have given you some new ideas on how NOT to renovate your home!

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