Surely Once A Hotel, Today It Is A Ghost Mansion That Sinks Into A Pacific Beach.

El Salvador is a small country in Central America, famous for its beautiful beaches overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The breathtaking views and surfing seasons attract many travelers and tourists every year, looking for a place to relax away from the hustle and bustle of city life. What you don’t expect on these pristine beaches is an abandoned villa that seems to sink into the ocean. But this same abandoned villa has attracted so many tourists, thrill-seekers, and mystery seekers.


image credit: Cholopanza Vlogs/Youtube

On La Puntilla beach, 75 km south of the capital San Salvador, lies this mysterious abandoned house. She caught the attention of many thanks to a Youtuber called Cholopanza, who filmed himself carrying out a little investigation in this ghostly but fascinating villa. The video immediately went viral, and today the villa attracts many visitors: some climb around the villa, others try to access the building, still, others try to piece together its history. Why was this villa abandoned? What did she represent in the past? Why is it located on the beach?


image credit: Cholopanza Vlogs/Youtube

It looks like the concrete villa, with its Roman-style columns and pale pink color, has been washed up on the shore. It’s unclear exactly why the villa was abandoned and why it now sits on the beach, but there is a theory, shared by locals, that it was a hotel – called Hotel Puerto Ventura – and that ‘it was built directly on the beach to attract tourists who wanted to be not only near the sea but especially on the sea. It is also believed that the villa was the victim of a hurricane that hit the San Salvator in 1998. The hurricane is said to have caused flooding and landslides, causing the foundations to rupture.


image credit: Cholopanza Vlogs/Youtube

The idea of ​​building a hotel directly on the beach was not successful: it was built too deep and, although the structure managed to withstand the strong storm, its foundations gave way. of sand traction. Today, the ghostly-looking villa sits on the ocean and is dangerously tilted. The bravest and the most daring, during the day, reach the upper floor to take some photos; in the evening, when the tide rises, the villa becomes inaccessible: because of the waves, it almost seems to disappear.

source used: Daily Mail

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