Hangar Outside, Super Luxurious House Inside. This War Shelter Is Worth $ 2 Million.

Would you live in a war shelter ? Let’s face it: it’s a rather risky choice, and yet we often find ourselves telling stories of people who decide to settle in the most unthinkable places, certainly far removed from the classic homes we are all used to. to think.

Judging by the house we’re going to show you, it’s not just buses, containers, and tiny houses that have become “cool” and trendy alternatives. This hangar, in fact, is a real piece of history, a Nissen cabin that seems to catapult us back to WWII times. From this period, however, nothing has remained except the form: from a former military shelter, today this building is a luxurious, modern, and above all very expensive house.


image credit: Savills.com

The history of the Nissen cabins is closely linked to the two world wars that took place in the 20th century. Major Peter Norman Nissen designed these semi-cylindrical steel shelters in 1916 to house soldiers and their equipment. They then became popular during WWII. It is certain that their inventor, at the time, would never have imagined that one of these cabins could end up costing the market up to $ 2 million !


image credit: Savills.com

You got it right: in the UK, and more specifically in Dunmow, Essex , one of these war shelters went up for sale for almost $ 2 million. Of course: there isn’t much left of the old cabin, and the photos we show you, released by the Savills agency , speak for themselves. This Nissen cabin has today become a beautiful, luxurious and trendy house , in which nothing is missing. We are far from the Spartan military environment it once was!


image credit: Savills.com

It has been nicknamed “the hangar” and it’s not hard to see why. Seen from the outside, this incredible house resembles a steel structure , immersed in the green of the English countryside. But when you walk through the front door, the magic happens.


image credit: Savills.com

Over 460 square meters , that’s the usable space that “The Hangar” offers. Inside, modernity is omnipresent, combined with traditional and natural elements in an evocative way.


image credit: Savills.com

In the five bedrooms , the living areas, the kitchen and the bathrooms, one can breathe an air that is difficult to find in traditional or country houses.

This former refuge has been redesigned in an absolutely creative way , using ecological and avant-garde materials and technologies, which perfectly match the curved roof and its elongated shape.


image credit: Savills.com

All surrounded by a rural environment that many would envy, a relaxing landscape and a face-to-face with nature which, for many people who live in cities, is a real dream.


image credit: Savills.com

Whoever designed and built this incredible ” restyling ” certainly had a very original idea. It is not every day, in fact, that we see a structure that tells us about a distant and difficult past transforming into a welcoming, ecological place with all the comforts .


image credit: Savills.com

Of course, considering the cost of this “Hangar”, it is a luxury for few elected officials. But we are sure that living there would have a very special appeal. What do you think? Would you make such a choice?

source used: Essex Live

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