16 Strange Objects That Test Our Knowledge.

People come up with different things mainly to make their lives more comfortable, safe and easy. Almost all the things around us have been improved many times, changed their appearance and even functions. This process continues even now. In different parts of the world, countries, cities and even small areas, the same tasks can be solved in different ways. For example, in Germany they decided to improve the traffic light, and in Italy they still use the old way of keeping a newspaper in a cafe. Such things ask people who encounter them for the first time a completely logical question: “what is this for?” If it was not possible to get a response from the locals, the Internet can always help, this magical tool that undoubtedly continues to revolutionize our lives.

That is why in this article we made a perfect selection of some objects that will make us doubt a little before giving an answer and understanding its functionality. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

1. I was in Florence with my wife. In one of the cafes, I noticed wooden sticks that looked like pointers. What are they needed for?

The answer to the surprise of many is that these are newspaper headlines. The stick has a slot where the newspaper is inserted.

2. This is not the first time I have noticed a gray metal box under the seat in a Dubai taxi. What is inside the box?

To give an answer to this question is simple, there is a hardware part of the equipment, which by law must be in a taxi in this city. For example, a GPS tracker or a receipt printer that is implemented in such developed countries as Dubai.

3. If you look at the Libyan desert on Google maps, you can see that it is marked with an almost perfect grid. How and why is it done?

The answer is that these are seismic survey lines, which were made by special trucks.

4. Why did they add a ramp to this small window in the old hospital building?

The answer is that the coal was loaded through this window into the boiler room, which is probably in the basement, so it was much easier to move and deposit below.

5. The kitchen in my new apartment has a pull-out counter. Why is it necessary?

The answer is quite practical, a meat grinder or other similar devices were attached to this kitchen for greater convenience when cooking.

6. Instead of the green traffic light, some kind of device is mounted.

The answer is that this is a new German traffic light, where there is no yellow signal and a speaker is installed instead of green.

7. At the Boston airport, I noticed a strange sheet metal structure with many holes of different diameters. Why is it necessary?

You will not expect the answer, this is a simulator for firefighters, simulating the fuselage of an airplane. Without a doubt, it is necessary that all possible scenarios can be studied at the time of an emergency.

8. I recently moved in and noticed these marks on the front door.

The answer is that this is a trace of drywall tape.

9. These things were installed near the storm sewer across the street. What are they needed for?

The answer is quite interesting, it seems that the local authorities are preparing for a flood. This is to protect the storm drain from large debris.

10. Why are there holes in the façade of this building built in 1700?

The answer is that these are ventilation ducts. It used to be a barn for drying tobacco.

11. Why do car tires need these little tendrils?

The answer is a bit disappointing, as these appear during the production process when excess rubber is squeezed out through small holes in the mold.

12. Why do some old houses in London have the front door handle in the center?

The answer is that this arrangement is due to the design of ancient castles. When the handle was turned, the bolts were pushed back.

13. What is this box with round and oval holes for? I bought it as a decoration item for an apartment at a flea market.

The answer is that this is for an oxygen tank and mask, as part of a resuscitation kit in a fire department or ambulance.

14. Why was this huge iron handle built right into the sidewalk?

The answer is that this is a bollard support to restrict parking in that location when necessary.

15. Someone left this water elephant at the party. So while we think, what is it for?

The answer, believe it or not, is that this is a pretty cute reusable ice cube.

16. I saw this in the baggage section of a Swiss train. What is it for?

The answer is that this is a ski rack.

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