Here Are Some Images Of Sperm Whales Are Sleeping By A Photographer.

You may have thought about the way sperm whales are sleeping. Do you have any idea of the way they are sleeping? Franco Banfi is a Swiss photographer and he will help you to know how the whales are sleeping.

The photographer was lucky enough to capture a very rare moment of sperm whales are sleeping. A scuba diving team and the photographer followed the whales in the Caribbean Sea, near Dominica Island and abruptly they start to sleep in an upright way.

In 2008 also a team of the UK and Japanese biologists referenced the whales for the first time. According to the researches done by biologists, it has found that 7% of the whale’s’ life occurs with this kind of sleep in small time periods for like 6-24 minutes.

More info: Franco Banfi | instagram 
(h/t: kottkecolossal)

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