This Man Keeps A Sparassidae Spider At Home. He Treats Her Like A Pet

No need to hide it: we are all afraid of something. It is quite simply in our nature to be made to regard certain situations or certain animals with fear.

Of all the fears, one of the most common is certainly that of spiders:.arachnophobia, in fact, is much more common than one might think.

For many people, a spider – whether small or large – is an utterly unbearable sight, even though they are aware that it can never do anything wrong. Well, if you are one of those individuals, the man we’re about to tell you about will certainly not leave you indifferent. What is he doing so special? It’s simple: he chose a rather unusual “roommate”, a huge spider Sparassidae , treated like a real member of the house.


image credit: Jake Gray/Facebook

We are in Australia , a land where nature – and the creatures that inhabit it – play a truly predominant and current role. It is not uncommon to encounter particular animals here which, in the rest of the world, would at the very least arouse some trepidation. Just like the spider from the Sparassidae family that Jake Gray decided to keep in his home, as a common pet.

And, like all pets, he gave her a name: Charlotte. Jake loves spiders, which is exactly why he decided to breed this creature, which, let’s face it, is quite unsettling. The size of these spiders can be above average compared to what we are used to seeing, and due to the speed and skill with which they obtain their food, they have earned the nickname “hunters”.


image credit: Jake Gray/Facebook

For Jake, in any case, it is perfectly normal for his Charlotte to wander around the house, climbing walls and furniture. According to him, there is really nothing to fear, moreover, the large spider is a powerful and effective “repellent” against insects, punctually “hunted” and eaten.

If you are in awe of the images of this stray spider like a dog or a cat, this is completely understandable. But we agree: after all, all tastes are in nature, just let’s hope that Jake’s two children never make his Charlotte angry!

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