Son Spends Too Much Time On Video Games. His Mother Puts A Padlock On The Socket Of His Console

Children who spend too much time in front of video games are a common problem in many families. Technology is now available to everyone, and in every home, adults and children alike use dozens of different devices every day to connect, be entertained, and have fun.

The problem is, this often leads to constant distraction, over-closing, and a huge amount of screen time – which isn’t healthy. Each parent, therefore, tries to do what he can to prevent his children from “burning themselves” in front of video games, with promises, agreements, and various stratagems. But the Japanese mother we’ll be talking about has passed them all, opting for a solution that is as drastic as it is creative.


image credit: sasamipicata/Twitter

Forget about “content restriction”: this woman has decided to resort to outright blocking. What are we talking about? From a solid and real … padlock! Yep, instead of trying to find compromises with her son, putting time or content limits on him, the mother of Twitter user @sasamipicata – who shared the story – took to strong manners.

One padlock inserted through the pins of his son’s console power jack, and another through the pins of his phone’s charger jack: literally insurmountable padlocks, blocking power to devices.


image credit: sasamipicata/Twitter

There is no doubt that this boy felt a great frustration seeing what his mother had devilishly concocted to make him play as little as possible. It must be said, however, that the woman was able to resolve the situation effectively and with a touch of madness. We wonder if the young man has ever thought of getting spare cables, even if we hope he understood the “lesson”: it is better not to exaggerate too much with video games, it is in our health and of our tranquility!

source: sasamipicata/Twitter

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