20 Photos That Prove There’s Always Something New Waiting To Be Discovered

If you think you’ve seen everything Earth has to show you, prepare to be impressed with everything you still need to discover.

#1. This lizard looks like a little dragon!

#2. The difference between a totally wild banana and one grown by producers

#3. Not all pigeons are like the ones you find in the center of your city.

#4. The way this deer antlers grow.

#5. A heart of ash expelled by the Etna volcano.

#6. A giant lemon!

#7. This is the leg of a 5-month-old lynx.

#8. It may look like an egg, but it is actually a mushroom.

#9. This tree covers an entire tower.

#10. This little animal, scientifically known as “Trichosurus vulpecula”, looks like it came from a Pokémon episode!

#11. During the driest time of year, Galapagos tortoises invade farms in search of water.

#12. The storm bent this tree, but not enough to topple it.

#13. These small symmetrical holes in snakes’ faces help them perceive heat, which is important for them to locate their prey.

#14. Nature does not respect limits.

#15. It is possible to see the moth inside the cocoon.

#16. Oddly enough, it’s not graffiti!

#17. These bees built a heart.

#18. It looks like a planet, but it’s just a hornet’s nest.

#19. This root looks like a dragon.

#20. This is a hybrid of a lion with a tiger, considered the largest cat in the world.

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