Some Flat Earthers Now Think Our Planet Is Shaped Like A Donut.

The shape of the Earth is perhaps one of the most debated issues in history. Despite the fact that there is plenty of evidence that the planet we live on is spherical, many people are still not convinced that it is true. Whole communities and associations of people present their theories to the world, with demonstrations and explanations that often give rise to conspiratorial and outlandish opinions.

A simple physical and geographical concept is, therefore, anything but obvious. It doesn’t matter if, on a practical and scientific level, the data is unverifiable: the theories on this subject seem to find increasingly incredible and – let’s face it – absurd paths, like the one we are about to tell you about. This time it was one of the members of the Flat Earth Society who made it public. He said he is convinced that the Earth is in fact shaped… like a doughnut .


image credit: CertifiedChessNut/Wikimedia

The donut-shaped Earth theory is precisely one of the theories that have brought flat earthers back into the world’s attention. Neither spherical nor flat, therefore, but with a kind of “hole” in the center. This is, in summary, the opinion expressed by the member of the Flat Earth Society known as Varaug who, on the association’s forum,  posted a message in which he explains in detail what he believes.

“I wondered how the flat Earth theory came about, he writes, and I came to the conclusion that someone must have imagined the original thesis, then it was followed by a long line of people pointing out its flaws and then tweaking it and correcting its flaws. My theory is that the Earth is shaped like a doughnut .”


image credit: Dominic Alves/Flickr

Strong statements, followed by a whole host of questions one might ask someone who claims such a thing, with answers that attempt to back it up and explain it in detail. The curvature of the light, second atmosphere, particular reflections that would not give a clear picture of the situation: are all the explanations that Varaug gives after having exposed his point of view.

As usual, all of this is accompanied by conspiratorial opinions that insist on alleged concealment of the truth by governments, scientists, and specialists. A theory which, in reality, is not entirely new, but which this time has been given explanations, questions, and answers on which the other members of the Flat Earth Society can intervene in order to make it as “real” as possible. And there was no lack of favorable voices either from certain famous people, who are convinced that our planet could have such a shape.


image credit: Pixabay

In short, the debate is heated and surreal. It goes without saying that such a subject offers the perfect opportunity for many convinced of its extravagance to debunk and ironize such theories. In light of these statements, one wonders what hypothesis the Flat Earth people will present to the world next.

source used: The Flat Earth Society

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