19 People Who Solved Their Problems With Diy On The Verge Of The Absurd

Many of us are convinced that we can cope with all the small and large practical problems in everyday life. In fact, we are all gifted with ingenuity and creativity , and it is often enough to know how to use them at best to discover ourselves as real handymen , able to repair everything inexpensively and with very simple means.

But are we really sure this is still the case? Judging by the photos we are going to show you, it looks like it isn’t. The reason ? There are people who should be rewarded for their imaginations in fixing things, but the results of what they do are more … questionable. It’s funny yes, and even “brilliant” in their madness, but sometimes, perhaps, it is better to consider the intervention of a professional, don’t you think?

#1. Wasn’t it better to go for classic toilet glasses?

image credit: osieSpose/reddit

#2. I will never spend money on a phone holder! Never !

image credit: Iwanttoplaytoo/reddit

#3. If you do not have handles, we do with what we find …

#4. For the next “renovation”, it might be better to call on a specialist company …

image credit: agreensandcastle/reddit

#5. My brother is truly the king of creative DIY.

image credit: reddit

#6. When you don’t have a real basket, you look around and find a chair: here’s what comes out!

#7. Questionable aesthetics, but assured robustness!

#8. I will never buy a new joystick!

#9. If the car is not fitted with bottle holders, no problem: it’s practical, economical and robust … like concrete!

image credit: AmishElectrician92/reddit

#10. Personalization is good, but sometimes it is in bad taste …

image credit: sodamnsleepy/reddit

#11. In the absence of heating, we do with what we have … but the electricity bill?

image credit: reddit

#12. Who needs a TV stand? No one, when we can manage like this!

#13. He really won: ingenious, crazy and efficient at the same time!

image credit: KotAufmBrot/reddit

#14. He would deserve an award for his ingenuity in plumbing …

#15. A broken wiper? No problem: you just need a towel …

image credit: reddit

#16. Certainly ingenious, but that’s not the best for security …

image credit: atherWeinstein/reddit

#17. A swing in the garden? All you need is a rope, a tree and an old chair … (We don’t recommend it!)

image credit: MegaFranek69/reddit

#18. Do you always lose your TV remote control too? With this system, this will not happen again!

image credit: Skytrip/reddit

#19. A broken handlebar and a plank of wood. Apparently it works!

image credit: unloaded_spoon/reddit

Have you ever figured out how to solve problems like these people?

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