15 People Who Solved Their Daily Problems With Ingenuity And A Touch Of Madness

What is a genius? Madness? Creativity? A bit of both? Difficult questions to which each of us has our own personal answer. Like the difficulties of life. Sometimes life presents us with great challenges, but often the challenges are also small. Small or large, everyone has their own solution. In this series of photos, let’s see some of the best unconventional solutions to common problems. We hope they inspire you and tear you away (between one challenge and another) even a few smiles.

#1. When you want a ready toast

image credit: nothingbutlag/twitter

#2. An idea of ​​cheating (yes, that’s not good!)

image credit: glxzwdwyws/twitter

#3. A homemade electric scooter

image credit: egohurtvayo/reddit

#4. Anti-slip system for all devices

image credit: sentics/reddit

#5. Pliers are very useful … especially for the thorny issue of toothpaste!

image credit: arthik / pikabu

#6. It’s certainly better than ending up with your head on your neighbor’s shoulder

image credit: manuel_murgaa / twitter

#7. Now you can go on vacation without worrying about plants

image credit: Vicotoriaavitale/Instagram

#8. Tired of picking up things under the sofa? Here is the solution

image credit: succulentmama/Reddit

#9. How to get by without an iron!

image credit: altiro / reddit

#10. A Christmas tree without too much effort

image credit: Sisipka / Pikabu

#11. Still struggling to recognize the left / right earpiece? Color one!

image credit: Zeo__/reddit

#12. A practical computer rest to prevent overheating

image credit: lol_80005/Reddit

#13. A rather cheap (if not cheap) glasses holder

image credit: lifehacks/Reddit

#14. Who needs a drink?

image credit: ofmiceormen/Tumblr

#15. How to avoid burning yourself while frying

image credit: Iamdanielcandia/twitter

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