This Man Walks In The Snow And Creates Gigantic Works That Enchant With Their Ephemeral Beauty.

Sometimes we witness such original and unusual artistic manifestations that make us wonder how it was possible to give birth to such special ideas. Even though we are sure we have seen it all, there are many valuable testimonials from people who decide to express themselves in a special and wonderful way at the same time.

Just like Simon Beck, a truly original artist, who decided to devote himself to a fascinating hobby. What is he so special? It’s simple, but certainly not obvious: he draws in the snow. “Armed” with mountain boots, he sets out in search of the most suitable place to serve as a white “sheet” on which to express himself. For him, the snowy expanses are just perfect for giving free rein to his creativity, and this is where he gives the best of himself, working hard with his feet to create works perfectly integrated in nature, surprising. and at the same time incredibly “ephemeral”. Let’s discover them together.


image credit: Simon Beck’s Snow Art/Facebook

Would you have the idea to take snowshoes, put them on your feet and create splendid “graffiti” directly on the white coat of the mountainous areas ? If not, you certainly won’t be fitting in with Simon Beck, a true “white” artist, capable of creating huge and beautiful scenes right in the middle of the mountains.


image credit: simonbeck_snowart/Instagram

Snowflakes, leaves, natural elements, geometric patterns and even inspired by the great names in the history of art: Beck’s works are truly fascinating and can only call out.


These snowy drawings really make us dream , able to instantly transport us to 100% wintery and enchanted atmospheres.


Simon’s work and know-how are quite simply astonishing: with the sole strength of his feet and snowshoes, he manages to transform himself into a “brush” which produces such wonders.


Elaborate, with attention to detail, in astonishing natural contexts such as those of the high mountains: Beck’s drawings are like that, and at the same time they are ephemeral and volatile .


It only takes a little rush – which is not at all uncommon in the mountains – to erase what Simon has done, and to create a new snowy “leaf” to draw on.


image credit: Simon Beck’s Snow Art/Facebook

The fact that his works are subject to the natural elements, destined to disappear as they arrive, makes them all the more fascinating , doesn’t it?


image credit: Simon Beck’s Snow Art/Facebook

No doubt, we are dealing with a truly brilliant and talented man , who has chosen a spectacular way to communicate with the world.


image credit: Simon Beck’s Snow Art/Facebook

Facing nature, in the suspended silence of the mountains, Simon pays homage to the environment and walks to create his art. 


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