Woman Finds Snake In Package Of Supermarket Salad.

Memorable groceries this is how one could sum up the experience of a family in Sydney when, on their return from the supermarket, they found an unexpected guest in their salad. What are we talking about? From a snake!

These people went through what for many would be a waking nightmare. Lesley Kuhn’s son certainly couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw a specimen of Hoplocephalus bitorquatus among the vegetables stored after shopping at an Aldi store. The “pale-headed serpent” was there, alive. Imagine the amazement of such a discovery.


image credit: Mosman Collective/Facebook

“Check your packaged lettuce carefully – last night my son found a little snake inside the pack he bought from Aldi.” It was with these words, written on a Facebook post shared on a group dedicated to the area where she lives, that Leslie recounted her chilling discovery.

It’s not hard to see why the news immediately bounced off all news channels, literally circling the world in no time. The reactions of the people, surprised and shocked, were not long in coming, and all agreed to define the snake found in the salad as rather scary. But there are also those who have been ironic, joking about veggies and writing “like I need one more reason to hate salad.”

All kidding aside, the snake was 100% real, as well as potentially dangerous to humans, as defined on the Queensland Museum page. It is an animal endemic to Australia, which lives on the east coast of the country and can reach a length of around half a meter. While not particularly big or dangerous, it mustn’t have been nice to see him there, in the middle of the food in the kitchen.


image credit: Mosman Collective/Facebook

However, Leslie did not lose heart and immediately alerted the wildlife authorities , who pulled the snake out of the package of salad. The case was immediately investigated.

According to local media, authorities are looking for the natural habitat of the snake . The Aldi channel, for its part, said it was committed, through its suppliers, to understanding how it was possible that the animal ended up there.


image credit: Mosman Collective/Facebook

In short, Australia’s vivid and sometimes shocking nature seems to have struck a chord again: after the many spiders we have told you about, found in the most incredible places, this snake is certainly a worthy contender!

Source used:

Sky News Australia

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