18 Pictures Of Sleeping Cats In The Most Absurd Positions And Places

Cats will take over the world, we know that. The master of a cat is nothing more than a simple servant, aware of the fact that he must satisfy all his requests. All kidding aside, although they are very different from dogs, cats are household pets that often manage to show their most affectionate and comedic side. Do you see when they are sleeping? They are wonderful! There are those who fall asleep all wrapped up, those who prefer to throw themselves on their master, etc. It is not uncommon for our feline friends to fall asleep in the most absurd positions and places! Here are 18 photos of cats who did not realize the situation because they were sleeping!

#1. It’s been a long day

image credit: reddit.com/u/BuffaloVampireSlayer

#2. Never has a cat been so happy!

image credit: reddit.com/u/nllp

#3. A cat-wand!

image credit: reddit.com/u/compi999

#4. Bureaucracy can be so exhausting!

image credit: reddit.com/u/vinkulelu

#5. He says it’s comfortable when he sleeps like this …

image credit: imgur.com/SodiumAndHumor

#6. Like father, like son

image credit: reddit.com/u/FlorenceFrida

#7. We wonder how he manages to be comfortable …

image credit: imgur.com/BigoGallery

#8. “Ah, d’accord !”

image credit: reddit.com/u/Elluztale

#9. Advanced relaxation techniques

image credit: reddit.com/u/Wigglebit

#10. My cats adapt to all shapes

image credit: imgur.com/GrandpaJesus15

#11. A little yoga before going to sleep is always beneficial …

image credit: reddit.com/u/beelzeboobs

#12. “This is my wife and my cat.”

image credit: reddit.com/https://www.reddit.com/r/funny/comments/1090p5/just_my_cat_doing_yoga/

#13. As long as it’s a box

image credit: imgur.com/unknown

#14. … or a slipper!

image credit: reddit.com/u/Cyzzacle1

#15. It’s all about flexibility

image credit: reddit.com/u/ibanezmasta44

#16. What is this little ball dreaming about?

image credit: imgur.com/Brivee

#17. “Turn off that light !!”

image credit: reddit.com/u/simplelife6

#18. “Her name is Audrey and she’s the smallest kitten I’ve ever seen. So small it even fits in my roommate’s shirt pocket. It looks comfy.”

image credit: reddit.com/u/beatauburn7

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