16 Luckily Kissed People In Situations That Could Have Been Much Worse.

Have you ever met people for whom things, in one way or another, almost always go their way? This might just be an impression, but sometimes it seems the world is divided between those who are chronically persecuted by bad luck and those who, on the other hand, have the red carpet in front of them and manage to make it through. with a fair amount of luck in many situations.

This is well known to the people in the 16 photos we’ve gathered below. To define them as kissed by luck is almost reductive: somehow they managed to escape from situations that could be really problematic!

#1. This piece of iron sank into the windshield first, then into the seat, blatantly missing the very lucky driver!

image credit: Imgur

#2. This is a lucky car!

image credit: Imgur

#3. I checked by pure chance before brushing my teeth …

image credit: Unusual_Request/reddit

#4. This container in the fridge was going to fall out, but it was incredibly blocked … by the fridge itself!

image credit: Imgur

#5. Not a single scratch on the two cars – a lucky day for the owners!

image credit: lehighwiz/reddit

#6. Do you think I drove for 20 minutes with the camera in this position?

image credit: Imgur

#7. Timing, speed and certainly a lot of luck: the little boy is safe!

image credit: The_Fool-On-The_Hill/reddit

#8. It took a little …

image credit: tinybell/reddit

#9. When luck decides that your car won’t make an unscheduled visit to the garage.

image credit: Imgur

#10. Yes, what straddles the grid is the alliance ….

image credit: Imgur

#11. Congratulations on Target … and good luck!

image credit: Imgur

#12. You know it’s a good day when you find an extra bottle in the crate.

image credit: Imgur

#13. There was not much missing … Phew!

image credit: tradehounds/reddit

#14. When you hold your breath, try to pick them up as gently as possible ….

image credit: Imgur

#15. It was really hard to see him there, in the middle, and yet the worst was avoided!

image credit: pewpewfordays/Instagram

#16. Protective glasses, a good dose of luck, and the day is saved!

image credit: austaul / reddit

Have you ever experienced a stroke of luck like these?

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