Artist Transforms Simple Pencils Into Extraordinary Miniature Works Of Art.

Can you imagine anything simpler than a pencil? We have all used one since our childhood, to write, draw or work. It is certainly not an object which, in itself, arouses creative or artistic ambitions. On the contrary, it is a perfect tool to create something special, be it a text or a drawing.

But what if, instead of using the pencil as a tool, it itself becomes a work of art? Jasenko Dordevic, a very talented sculptor, has certainly asked himself this question. He manages to turn those basic stationery tools into grandiose little masterpieces that leave us speechless. Ready to take a closer look at his work?


Forget the usual pencils: those reworked and transformed by the Bosnian Dordevic are truly miniature works of art.


The reason is obvious in the photos we show you: the fragile graphite, in his hands, becomes the basis from which he creates surprising little scenes.


Inspired by Dalton Ghetti, an artist who pioneered this art form, Jasenko decided to share his creations. Having always been interested in miniatures, he kept drawing smaller than normal subjects until he decided to turn those sketches into concrete objects.


To do this, he used pencils, sharpened with a millimeter precision that leaves us speechless. Ever since Dordevic started sculpting graphite, he has never stopped, making a daily challenge with himself, in search of the smallest sculpture possible with a pencil.


His pencils become art, and this is the principle that inspired Jasenko in the first place. Graphite is not an easy material to model because it breaks very easily, and given the small size of a pencil point, there isn’t much room for mistakes.


Yet judging by what Dordevic achieves, it can be said that this artist is a true master in his field .


The themes of his works range from the depiction of landscapes and buildings to scenes featuring human figures performing various actions.


A wide range of inspirations, therefore, for works of which one can only wonder how it was possible to create them.


Thanks to the web, the sculptor’s style quickly became known and appreciated around the world, so much so that today Dordevic enjoys enormous popularity. Over the years, the Bosnian artist has also been the subject of several exhibitions.


“I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’m still not bored,” he said, “it gives me pleasure, meaning, and freedom from the monotony of everyday life and sometimes even from my own thoughts.”


What do you think of these pencil sculptures? Are they not very original?

Source used:

 toldart / Instagram

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