Irish wolfhound masters took photos to show everyone how big they are.

The greyhounds are usually dogs medium to large: It includes some of the most spectacular species of dogs. The Afghan Hound, for example, shows off its fur in all its glory, while the Irish Wolfhound leaves everyone speechless with its size.

It is precisely the Irish wolfhound that we want to celebrate today, the good giant of dogs who, despite his size, has a docile and very affectionate character. Here are some pictures that give an idea of ​​its size for those who have never seen it in real life.

#1. As lunch approaches, the kitchen is crowded: woe to delay the distribution of food!

#2. Similar in appearance … but not in size! Dogs of different sizes in comparison

#3. The car may be a small model … But next to the greyhound, it looks like a doll car!

#4. So tall that he also deserves to wear pajama stockings for the traditional Christmas photo

#5. Walk with the giants. Hopefully they won’t pull the leash too hard!

#6. He’s the one who ate Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother!

#7. Considering that the girl is 1.50 m … This dog is a colossus!

#8. Human and canine member in comparison: should it be called paw or hand?

image credit: Debbie Park/Facebook

#9. Come sit next to me on the sofa … if there’s still room!

image credit: Eric Maximoff/Facebook

#10. A beautiful Irish wolfhound and his two adorable “pocket” friends!

image credit: Herculaya/Reddit

#11. According to the teacher, this big doggie is a good giant. It wouldn’t hurt a fly!

image credit: mac_is_crack/Reddit

#12. Even adults sometimes need comfort. So, let’s go for hugs!

#13. This sweet little boy met a dog … at the height of a kiss!

image credit: Imgur

#14. “Our little kitten, weighing a little over a kilo, likes to take a nap between our two 80 kg greyhounds”

image credit: z0a87/Reddit

#15. “My family still thinks our Irish Wolfhound is a puppy”

image credit: Noahjm13/Reddit

#16. It is difficult to know who is holding the other. Someone support the little girl!

image credit: sermeryntrantsuxdix/Reddit

#17. “It’s my 1.82 m dad posing with my 2 year old Irish wolfhound”

image credit: imgur

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