She Takes Care Of Her Little Plant To Discover, Only After Two Years, That It Is A False One: “I Lived In A Lure”

It is said that the best way to find out if you are ready to care for and love another human being is by taking a plant. Even if she stays in her pot, motionless, she still needs our attention, the water we give her, our care. The survival and growth of the plant are, in most cases, up to us. Each type of plant has its own needs: a particular quantity of water, certain exposure to the sun, a different soil for each season. A woman took care of her little plant for two years, before making a discovery that amused and touched Internet users.


image credit: Caelie Wilkes/Facebook

It was only after two years that the woman discovered that the plant she had been caring for all this time was fake: it is not always easy to distinguish a fake plant from a real one and yet, after a while, one should be able to determine that the plant is not changing, not growing, not losing its leaves. But Callie Wilkes didn’t pay attention to these details initially and in her post, which quickly went viral, she writes:


image credit: Caelie Wilkes/Facebook

“ I was so proud of this plant. It was full, with beautiful colors, and overall perfect plant. I kept it on my kitchen window. I had a watering plan for her if any. someone else had tried to water it for me, I would have been on the defensive because I wanted to take care of it myself. I loved my plant. Today I decided that he it was time to replant it, I found the most elegant pot, which suited it perfectly. I take it out of the plastic box it was purchased in, only to find that this plant was WRONG. “


image credit: Not the actual photo – Ben White/Unsplash

The woman then recounts her moment of frustration: ” I put so much love into this plant! I washed its leaves. I did my best to make it look its best and it is completely in it. plastic! How could I not notice? I go out of the container on which the polystyrene with sand is stuck on it! I feel that the past two years have been a decoy. “Customers immediately asked how it could be that in two years she hadn’t realized that the plant was fake. The next time she decides to take care of a plant, she will make sure that it is authentic and consider how best to grow it.

source used: Caelie Wilkes/Facebook

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