She sells her house to have her face done: she now looks younger, but that’s where she lives

Some people don’t like the way they look. When they look in the mirror, they only see flaws. What for others is just a trifle is for them an insurmountable obstacle. They think that these imperfections irreparably harm their appearance, while others probably don’t even notice them. That’s why everyone who feels imperfect tries to change, and one of the quickest reasons to change one’s appearance is to resort to cosmetic surgery, but this is very expensive.

The woman in the story decided to sell her house and change it in order to undergo cosmetic surgery. The problem is that she now lives in an unenviable place. Let’s take a closer look at what happened.

via New York Post


Kelly Beasley, a 50-year-old blogger living in Lake Tahoe, California. She considered her appearance to be a constant problem, which is why she wanted to change her face at all costs, but the sums requested by the surgeons were exorbitant and she had to find a way to pay for the operation. “Around the age of 48, my face started to age, it looked like it wanted to fall off. I wanted to change my face. When I had surgery, I changed completely. The changes have been incredible. The results are beyond my expectations. I didn’t expect to look younger. I look 15 years younger“.


Rejuvenation, however, has a cost; in fact, she underwent a face, neck and lip lift. In addition to all these treatments, she had to undergo fat transfer from the thighs to the lips. Additionally, she spent six days convalescing in a hotel in Tijuana and then returned home to the United States. For her it was a vacation, although perhaps too expensive. “I woke up with my head wrapped in a huge bandage. Then I immediately started taking photos, because I liked the way I looked.


The operation cost him around $14,000. Initially, surgeons told him the procedure would cost between $50,000 and $60,000; Luckily, she found a clinic that charged much lower prices. However, to have the surgery, she was forced to sell her three-bedroom house in Arizona. This is why she now lives in a van. Despite this, she is very happy, because she loves her new appearance.

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