She Saves More Than 5,000 Euros In Six Months Thanks To The Technique Of Envelopes, A Mother Tells How She Did It.

Many people know it well everyday life is full of expenses and financial constraints that are not always easy to manage, and this often means that one cannot save money month after month. The expenses are numerous, the unexpected is always present and not everyone manages their money intelligently. Therefore, in many cases, what one earns is only used to cover expenses.

However, there are people who find curious and alternative ways to guarantee themselves a little extra money, like the mother we are going to talk about. This woman became known on the web for a tip that she decided to reveal to the whole world. What is it about ? It’s a simple but, according to her, effective way to save a significant amount of money from time to time using simple envelopes. Let’s find out in detail what she did.

Saving more than 5,000 euros in about six months is the challenge set by this mother, who recorded her progress on Facebook. What did she do to achieve this? Not much, actually, since all she had to do to save that money was buy 100 stationery envelopes and use them in a specific way.

Numbering the envelopes from 1 to 100 , she randomly drew two from the pile over a period of 25 weeks. The rest was simple: she put in the envelopes the sum of money corresponding to their number. If, for example, she pulled number 60 and number 25, she saved 85 euros that week (60 the first time and 25 the second). And so on until the challenge ends.

In the end, she ended up with a lot of money, perfect for extra expenses or to face everyday life in a more relaxed way, which she would otherwise have spent on futile things. The technique would also have a scientific basis: it would be based on a mathematical formula designed by the German scientist Gauss, which would make it possible to reach the sum of 5,050 euros in 25 weeks .

Not bad if you have ongoing projects, right? Of course, to be able to save all that money, you have to have the right monthly income, that is, an amount that allows you to do so without too many sacrifices. But if it is possible, why not try? It is no coincidence that this mother’s trick quickly became a big hit among users who read and commented on it.

What do you think ? Do you want to try it ?

source – / The Sun

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