She Finds Her Cat Missing For 8 Months: She Recognized Her Meowing During A Phone Call

The disappearance of a pet is great distress for its masters: cats and dogs, left free, often get lost and cannot find their way home. This is even truer for cats, who are tirelessly curious and seek out new stimuli and new places to explore. Rachel Lawrence, from Braintree, Essex, had lost her cat Barnaby eight months ago. A phone call, however, revived her hopes.


Rachel called her vet to discuss the health of her other cat. Suddenly, however, she recognized a meow: it sounded like the distinctive one of her cat Barnaby. We can imagine the questions the woman asked herself: is this all a figment of her imagination? Is his perception influenced by the absence and the thoughts of the missing cat? And if not, how is it possible that the cat is at its veterinarian? Rachel immediately asked about the strange meowing cat and was told it was a stray. The woman ended the call with the vet, but she kept thinking about that meow. Later, she called the vet again and asked for more details about the cat in question.


image credit: Not the actual photo – Flickr

She asked if the stray cat was black and if it had a white spot on one of its hind legs. The vet confirmed the description, and the woman rushed to the center with old photos of Barnaby. We can only imagine Rachel’s reaction and joy after seeing her Barnaby again: she said she knew the meow was hers, and she said she cried and screamed with joy. She hadn’t seen her cat for eight months, and seeing him again gave her an emotion that was hard to express. The cat was happy and affectionate. Barnaby finally returned home, where his family welcomed him with great joy and plenty of food. We don’t know exactly how Barnaby disappeared and who took him to the vet, but the important thing is that he is healthy and his owners were able to take him back into their arms. What if Rachel hadn’t called the vet or recognized the meow? Fortunately, we cannot know.

source used: BBC

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