She Finds A Flower And Smells It But Doesn’t Know She’s Hallucinogenic: Girl Tells About Her Experience.

Is there a sweeter and more innocent gesture than to smell a beautiful flower? Probably not, although from what we’re about to tell you, even something like this can turn into anything but a pleasant experience.

A young girl discovered what happens when you smell a Brugmansia, also known as the ” angel’s trumpet “, a showy and fascinating flower with an intense fragrance and large, colorful corollas. Attracted by the smell and the beauty of this wonderful natural element, she thought, without dwelling too much on the consequences, to bring her nose up and inhale. Considering what happened next, it would have been better not to …


image credit: songsbyralph / TikTok

The young woman recounted what happened on her TikTok account. We are in Australia and the girl, accompanied by a friend, was on her way to a party when she came across the plant in question.

“When we got to the birthday party,” she said, “we felt confused and nauseous, so we left. When I got home and fell asleep, she continued, I had the strangest, wildest dreams, experienced sleep paralysis for the first time in my life. “


image credit: songsbyralph / TikTok

But what exactly happened? And what does the Brugmansia flower have to do with it? These plants are among the most poisonous of the ornamental plants in circulation, as they contain scopolamine, an alkaloid also known as ” devil’s breath ” and used – obviously in limited doses – also medicinally.

Confusion, rapid heartbeat, dry mouth, delusions and hallucinations, even paralysis: these are just some of the effects Brugmansia can have on those who smell it.


image credit: Pxfuel

According to experts, you really have to be very careful with these flowers, which are able to give people experiences for the less heavy, almost as if they were drugs.

If you ever come across one of these plants, it is better to move away: they are as beautiful as they are insidious !

source used: The Sun

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