“She Didn’t Believe In Me And She’ll Never Get A Dime”: Tarantino’s Words About His Mother.

It is not always so obvious that a parent is a firm believer in their child’s passions and what they decide to do for a living. Although this is the role of a father or a mother, sometimes relatives are the first obstacle to a young person’s ambitions, or they do not make the effort to encourage him to follow the path. in which he believes.

Quentin Tarantino, the acclaimed director, screenwriter, actor, and award-winning film producer who has directed some of the most cult films of recent years, certainly knows a thing or two about it. In an interview, Tarantino opened up about his childhood and his relationship with his family. A period which, for him, was certainly not the easiest, and during which he promised himself not to forget certain attitudes and certain words of his mother.


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“She will never see a penny of my success.” This is a clear intention Quentin addressed to his mother, whom he vowed to carry out into adulthood if he made his fortune in the world of cinema. Years and years later, we can safely say that he was not lacking in fortune and success, just as he did not lack the determination to exclude his mother Connie McHugh from any kind of “profit.” arising from its wealth.

“When you are dealing with children, your words always have consequences.” What words, in particular, have marked Tarantino’s life so strongly? Simple: all the words of mockery, derision, and sarcasm his mother addressed to him during his childhood and youth when Quentin was already aware of his fate and his passions but was not encouraged by his mother.


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According to the director of Pulp Fiction , Reservoir Dogs , Django Unchained, and many other famous films, his mother Connie has strongly opposed his passions and ambitions. “In elementary school, my teachers thought I was rebelling because I wanted to write screenplays, he said, and my mother was not happy with me, she complained all the time and one day, scolding me. , she told me that my “writing career” could be considered over. “


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“It was then – Tarantino continued in an interview with The Moment podcast – that I made a promise to myself that once I was successful, she wouldn’t get a dime from me. homes, no cars, no vacations, words have consequences, especially when addressed to a child, and a parent’s sarcasm can be really dangerous and difficult to deal with. “


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All of this, the director experienced during a childhood where he never knew his father, who left Connie before he was born. Thus, Tarantino’s film career, estimated at around $ 120 million, will never benefit his mother. The constant blame and refusal to believe in her son’s potential had tangible consequences, and luckily the facts proved Connie wrong.

What do you think? Is Tarantino right to make such a decision?

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