Shark Swims Among Houses After Flood, Disturbing Image Opens Debate On The Web.

We are realizing it more and more every day: the web is an almost infinite container of materials of all kinds. A few clicks and the right words are all it takes to have virtually everything at your fingertips, from the most serious things to the weirdest and funniest. And it is precisely when it comes to weird things that the internet and social media never cease to amaze us, as the image we are about to show you a proof.

Imagine a situation where the area where you live is flooded as a result of a heavy flood. We obviously hope that never happens, but that is what happened at Burleigh Waters, Australia. In this regard, one photo went viral and generated a lot of discussion for the creature that stars it.


image credit: Timothee Morrison Dufour/Facebook

As if a flood wasn’t already a complex enough event to deal with, would you one day find … a shark right behind the fence in your home? Yep, the photo in question, posted to social media by a man who lives in the Gold Coast suburb of Queensland, shows a creepy shark fin moving cautiously among homes in the flooded area.

According to reports, it was a bull shark ( Carcharias taurus ), spotted swimming in shallow water and causing panic among locals, who were already suffering from massive flooding. A few meters from the fence, the animal would have circled the neighborhood, becoming a real celebrity on the web. The man’s post has indeed garnered thousands of shares and comments, although many are unconvinced of the image’s authenticity.

Many people assumed it was an image created with photo editing software, pointing out several details that were deemed unmistakable. Many others, however, have insisted on the veracity of the scene, seen as anything but unusual in these areas. So much so that shark attacks have taken place, both there and in other places, near the coastal canals of urbanized areas. Whatever the truth, it’s impressive to think that it could happen: the scene really looks like it came out of a horror movie!

source used: Timothee Morrison Dufour/Facebook

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