Man Is Forced To Sell His Ps5 After His Wife Finds Out It’s Not An Air Purifier

As with every release of a new game console, gamers are doing everything they can to get it from the first day of its release: thus form those endless queues of people who have been waiting for hours – even days – the opening of the store.

This is exactly what happened when the last PlayStation, the 5 to be exact, went on sale. Here is what happened to a Taiwanese man after taking his PS5 home.


The story was told on social media by a young Taiwanese who wrote that he bought a used PlayStation 5 at a very competitive price.

He says he contacted the number that appeared on the sale ad, which was answered by a female voice that didn’t sound like a video game player. In any case, the woman was more than convinced to sell her Playstation at a very advantageous price.

Although hesitant, the boy still decided to close the deal and meet the saleswoman.


image credit: Clouds pile up / Twitter

During the date, the young man did not find the woman he had spoken to on the phone, but a man who appeared to be an avid gamer. He took the opportunity to ask a few questions, to understand why the price was so low compared to other ads: the man replied that he had bought the console from an e-commerce site very shortly before. Then, to the question “So why are you selling it?” He changed his expression and almost looked down to answer “My wife wants to sell it”.

The two men continued to talk, and it emerged that the man had tricked his wife into believing that she had bought an air purifier for the house and not another game console. The lie had an impact. fleeting lifespan, and when the wife found out about the deception, she didn’t think twice about getting rid of her husband’s PS5!

The appropriate punishment for the man who thought a woman wouldn’t be able to tell a PlayStation from an air purifier!

source used: Jin Wu/Facebook

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