Scenes From Everyday Life With A Great Dane: Size And Craziness Go Hand In Hand!

The choice to bring in a Great Dane has nothing to do with the decision to welcome a four-legged animal; in fact, the Great Dane has different needs than other dogs. The size of this magnificent animal is not the only objective difficulty; to this is added a particular character which can sometimes seem strange.

Have no idea what it’s like to deal with a  Great Dane? These photos of people who own one will give you an idea!

#1. Never dreamed of having Scooby Doo in the flesh?

image credit: Snaileyho

#2. Just a little friendly chat.

image credit: losper

#3. You will need to brief him to have a proper selfie.

image credit: merrell0

#4. Looking proud? Your turn to judge.

image credit: MovieGirl424

#5. When it’s hot … they melt!

image credit: Mister-Plow

#6. The joys of hugging a dog.

image credit: Romina2

#7. Infinite sweetness.

image credit: catawampushalo

#8. You will have a collection of photos of them sleeping in each other weirdest positions.

image credit: w3stcoastgal

#9. A niche? No, Great Danes need a sofa …. and comfortable if possible!

image credit: Super_Professor

#10. Cats love them.

#11. This is the reaction they will have when you tell them to get out of the chair.

#12. And that’s what will happen when you take possession of it against their will.

#13. Sometimes they will think they are human.

#14. Other times they really will be.

#15. It is obvious that the language is proportionate to the rest.

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