17 Scandalous Examples Of Totally Unnecessary Plastic Packaging

Plastic is a huge problem for our planet and more and more people have realized the scourge and tried to take small daily steps to minimize the impact that harmful materials have on the environment. They chose paper bags instead of plastic bags, they replaced plastic plates with greener alternatives. Yet not everyone seems to have understood the need to minimize the use of this material. Supermarkets, in an attempt to cope with consumer laziness, are using absolutely unnecessary and unnecessary plastic packaging, and these 17 photos are a sad example.

#1. Each slice of bread has been wrapped in plastic for a single-use snack. Is it really necessary?

image credit: SaveLakeCanton / reddit

#2. A lot of plastic was used for a very small object, and very thick in addition. Another bag with another material would have been sufficient.

image credit: imgur

#3. Here too, for a tiny USB pen, a lot of plastic was used: absolutely unnecessary packaging.

image credit: nice sandwich/reddit

#4. Why break the eggs to put the yolks and whites in plastic bags? Are the shells unsightly?

image credit: ShinigamiDady/reddit

#5. Each banana was wrapped with plastic and a tray. Wasn’t the skin of the bananas enough?

image credit: thenamenononehas/imgur

#6. Each orange is covered with unnecessary plastic.

image credit: reddit

#7. And the waste doesn’t end there: we have a plastic jar inside a plastic bag. But why ?

image credit: NYhook/imgur

#8. Each melon slice, to prevent deterioration, was packed in a bag and placed in a plastic box.

image credit: climbingup_thewalls/reddit

#9. A single leaf of lime, inside a large, unnecessary plastic bag.

image credit: pointless_packaging/instagram

#10. Too hard to peel and cut the mandarins … So they are wrapped in plastic and ready to use.

image credit: goldfishstick/imgur

#11. For a small item delivered to your home in packaging, a huge and unnecessary amount of plastic is used.

image credit: riversviewcreations/instagram

#12. The last straw: soda cans inside large plastic wrappers. What is the point ?

image credit: chicken_man_64reddit

#13. Even garlic, which has its own skin and protection, was wrapped in unnecessary plastic.

image credit: pointless_packaging/instagram

#14. This Internet user shows how inside the plastic bag each sausage is covered with an additional layer of plastic.

image credit: undocumentedTuesday/reddit

#15. Even potatoes, despite their skin, are covered in plastic. Why ? There are paper or biodegradable bags.

image credit: pointless_packaging/instagram

#16. Another case of an object delivered in a package that contains unnecessary amounts of plastic and paper. Something smaller and more environmentally friendly, right?

image credit: Lwwisbl11/reddit

#17. Each avocado was peeled, stripped of its core, cut in half, and wrapped in plastic. What laziness!

image credit: pointless_packaging/instagram

Every small action can contribute to change: it is an awareness that supermarkets, businesses, producers, and consumers must continue to acquire. And you, what choices are you making?

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