This Mom Cooked 108 Meals In One Go, She Swears She’s Saving A Lot Of Money Every Week.

When it comes to managing a family, it’s not always easy to make ends meet. Donna Steed, 50, from Aberdeen, Scotland, knows all about it. Like many mothers, she grapples with income, expenses, unforeseen expenses, and daily needs.

One of the most expensive items in many families’ budgets is food purchases. This woman, therefore, decided to share her personal – and curious – solution to ensure significant savings. What did she do? It’s simple: she cooked ahead, managing to prepare over 100 meals at one time, freezing of course, then reheating as needed. If you’re wondering where the savings are, you’re not the only one – let’s take a closer look at its strategy.


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Thanks to her method, Donna Steed ensures that she saved more than 50 euros in shopping per week . For her, not having to cook every day means not having to shop too often, and therefore avoid repeated waste.

108 meals, all prepared in advance , strictly packed in special containers, frozen and thawed on time. Donna broke her record when, before Christmas 2020, she cooked this enormous amount of food, sure it would be enough to feed her, her husband George and son Dylan, until the end of February 2021. Plan and Anticipate , for this mother, have become imperatives that she carries out with conviction and even with pleasure. “Cooking, for me, has always been a hobby,” she commented, “I find it therapeutic.”


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“Once I start preparing meals,” she explains, ” I cut down on my food expenses , it’s addicting and it feels like you’re making your life easier.” Even if not everyone agrees with these choices, which mainly concern the purchase and preparation of frozen products, it must be admitted that the solutions to common problems are sometimes unexpectedly simple.


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Granted, to complete her project, Donna needed a new freezer, but the expenses associated with increasing electricity consumption will certainly never reach what she would have spent if she hadn’t. equipped in this way. And Donna swears that by doing this, she also gets to have more time to herself working all day is no easy task. “Before I even knew it, I was able to cook meals for the whole family for about a month.”


image credit: Mercury Press & Media – Daily Mail

Less time, less money, more space and the peace of mind of not having to think, day after day, about what to eat for lunch or dinner. Donna guarantees the efficiency of her system.


image credit: Mercury Press & Media – Daily Mail

What do you think ? Would you cook everything in advance to get organized and save money?

source of used: Daily Mail

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