This Man Saved A Wolf From A Sad Fate, He Is Now His Magnificent Life Companion

The stories of wild animals befriending men and women who view them as domesticated creatures will never cease to amaze us. Sometimes it seems that certain people and animals are able to give the world wonderful displays of the depth of the bond that is created between them, beyond all difficulties, differences, or mistrust.

The story we are going to tell you, in this sense, is really a typical example. Who are the protagonists? A Russian man named Ivan and his four-legged best friend Seryi . If you think of a dog, you are wrong, because Seryi is a splendid tame wolf.


image: real_gray_wolf/Instagram

When Ivan took it in 2017, Seryi was a little one of a few weeks old and destined to a sad end. Found by farmers who wanted to kill him because he was considered dangerous, the little animal luckily ended up in good hands, those of Ivan, who without thinking twice decided to save him and take him away. with him.


From that moment, a spark of complicity unique and wonderful gushed between man and wolf (whose name in Russian means “gray”). While it may seem odd – if not downright dangerous – for a flesh-and-blood wild wolf to be adopted and considered a dog , Ivan could not be happier with his pet, tame and docile like a lamb.


image credit: real_gray_wolf/Instagram

Of course, the size and imposing stature of Seryi can cause some apprehension at first, but Ivan and his daughter Alexandra – who helps keep the wolf – it is perfectly used and could not be more pleased with the choice that they did.


image credit: real_gray_wolf/Instagram

And keeping it at home is certainly not easy. One should never forget that, however tame he may be, Seryi is still a wolf , and that is why he needs constant attention, copious amounts of food and most importantly lots and lots of exercise.


Ivan, however, has succeeded in making himself loved and accepted as the “pack leader” of the wonderful wolf: he knows his weak points and the things he likes to do with him, and he gets along very well. well with the other dogs that the man had in the house before he arrived. You just have to look at their photos together to realize this. Seryi is a splendid creature: intelligent, strong and affectionate at the same time.


What do you think ? Would you live with a wild wolf at home?

via: real_gray_wolf/Instagram

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