They Save A Sheep Trapped In 30 Kg Of Wool, He Can Finally See And Walk

Sheep shearing is usually done twice a year professionals are called in who, with their equipment, can shear the animals in a matter of minutes. Shearing is not only necessary to obtain wool, which in some cases is extremely valuable, but especially to relieve the sheep. Wool, in addition to becoming very heavy and bulky over time, can indeed accumulate dirt and create a dangerous environment around the animal. Edgar’s mission volunteers came across a large ball of wool moving in the Australian fields and immediately knew they had to step in – this animal needed help fast.


image credit: Edgar’s Mission Facebook

Under that big ball of wool was a sheep that could barely walk . The animal had been left in the wild for years, and at first glance, volunteers assumed the sheep had gone at least five years without being shorn, which had serious repercussions on its health. The sheep, nicknamed Baarack , had accumulated more than 30 kg of wool and it was weighing on his body, preventing him from opening his eyes and making him virtually unrecognizable. Due to its mobility difficulties, the volunteers realized that it would take a van to transport it.


image credit: WTP News Youtube

The sheep was therefore placed on the spot, and after an hour the shearing was finished and the bulky coat finally removed. Baraack was thus able to stand up with agility. In total, around 35 kilograms of wool were removed , which the researchers said prevented the sheep from surviving much longer. This change of look immediately had a positive impact on the health and mood of the sheep, which over the days showed that it had more and more energy.


image credit: Edgar’s Mission/Facebook

Volunteers shared the transformation on Facebook and showed several photos of the sheep after its radical transformation: it is calm and serene with its companions. He was very lucky to find the right people before it was too late.

source used: dailymail

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