Samsung Introduced A “Smart” Walk-in Closet That Washes And Ironers Laundry Without Wasting Water Or Detergents

Samsung Electronics presented the home solution that will put an end to all problems for those who don’t like to wash, dry, and iron with the new smart walk-in closet, the world of household appliances is ready to take a leap forward: ready to experience all the innovations and comforts of the Samsung AirDresser? It doesn’t look like it, but it is very easy to use thanks to a control system via a mobile app.


Thanks to the pressure and the temperature, the AirDresser walk-in closet is able to wash and then iron clothes. It is also able to sterilize clothes thanks to the high temperature, eliminate odors from clothes in total silence.

The AirDresser dressing can complete the operation with a low-temperature drying program that even eliminates wrinkles that can be created on the fabric of the clothes. So, say goodbye to the washing machines and irons that most hate?


All we have to do is simply hang the clothes to be washed on the hangers and choose, even remotely on an electronic device through the use of the app, the washing program that we consider most suitable. Bacteria and dust mites will have a short life with the Samsung AirDresser, as well as the most stubborn odors, like that of smoke …


image credit: Tizen Indonesia/YouTube

Samsung Electronics said during the product presentation that the AirDresser will be a walk-in closet that could have a positive impact on household spending: this smart walk-in closet does not use water or detergents , so clothes are less likely to get stuck. spoil.


image credit: Tizen Indonesia/YouTube

Unfortunately, the Samsung AirDresser is not yet available in many international markets; For now, on the Samsung UK website, this revolutionary device is available for £ 2,000.

In any case, it gives ideas!

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