Russia, a very rare white orca spotted several times, researchers rename it “Iceberg”

A rare, completely white orca specimen has been spotted several times off the coast of Russia. The first sighting dates back to the spring of 2012, while the following one in 2016. Following these episodes, the media gave the orca the nickname Iceberg.The impressive mammal must be around 22 years old; experts later declared that the animal lives in a group of 12 other orcas. Although its appearance appears to be totally white, scientists have not been able to determine whether it is an albino specimen.

As the experts point out, the doubt regarding whether it is an albino specimen or not could be resolved with certainty just by looking at the color of its eyes:This population of killer whales hunts the fish they eat and stays with their mothers and families for their entire lives.only 1 in 10,000 orcas is born with this congenital anomaly.   if they are pink and unpigmented, then it should be a “killer whale” albino. If it were an albino specimen, it would be an extremely rare event, as

The scientists remain fascinated by this extraordinary animal and hope to continue studying its behavior for years to come.

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