Robot Vacuum Cleaner Escapes From Store And Cleans City Sidewalks. Video Is Surreal

The super-technological world we live in often gives rise to surreal and paradoxical episodes, in front of which we do not know whether we should laugh or cry. What would you think if we told you about a “runaway” robot vacuum that roams the city streets, cleaning everything in front of it?

If you think we are kidding, you are wrong, because that is exactly what happened in Barcelona, ​​Spain where one Twitter user couldn’t help but film this incredible scene. One door opens too many, and the enterprising vacuum robot saw fit to take the opportunity to take a tour of the outside world. Alone and carefree in the street, he caught the attention of passers-by and amused many people around the world.


When we talk about an unusual meeting: the one Oriol Canosa witnessed, to say the least, so much so that he decided to take out his phone and film the little robot walking on the sidewalks of the street. Perhaps the vacuum cleaner was tired of the monotony of his days always cleaning the same environment, or maybe – more likely – he found the door to the store where he “works” open and is. he went out, towards freedom.

And indeed, it seems that is exactly what happened. This is not the first time that these famous robots have been at the center of curious and hilarious scenes. The web is literally full of episodes in which people have realized that it only takes an instant to find themselves in the most incredible situations.


Some internet users at the sight of the video even ironically speculated on a dramatic search for the missing vacuum cleaner : “I can imagine the posters in the neighborhood: he had a charged battery when he disappeared. We miss him, if he is. please find it. “

Fortunately, in the end, for the little robot and for the trader who owns it, it all ended in the best possible way. The two were able to meet again soon after, and the vacuum cleaner will finally be able to return to its daily “life”

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