15 Photos Of People Who Revolutionized The Concept Of “Bad Day” By Taking It To The Next Level

Just when we think that nothing can get worse, something invariably forces us to reassess the situation. Unfortunately or fortunately, things don’t always go smoothly in life. Each of us goes through them and all, with more or less ease, come to accept them. In this article, we want to give you some comfort. You’re not the only one or the only one who had a bad day these 15 people even took the concept of a “bad day” to a whole new level.

#1. Almost everyone has had a flat tire, but what are the chances that the cause is a trivial fork?

image credit: EatsRSL/reddit

#2. Don’t look at people running, shift your gaze a bit to the left: running and rain don’t seem to match very well.

image credit: bait_za_dusto / reddit

#3. He was just walking with his coffee, but he was holding it the wrong way. Something bad is about to happen.

image credit: TorahTalmud/reddit

#4. An office or a school? Either way, someone has had a really bad day, how much patience will it take to clean the ink from the floor?

image credit: dream_monkey/reddit

#5. One rule everyone should keep in mind: don’t leave windows open, especially when it’s going to rain or snow.

image credit: sn00perz/reddit

#6. The youth were taking a break, but someone was hit by a strong jet of water.

image credit: reddit

#7. We are not sure what the woman had in mind, but she certainly did not intend to take a bath this way.

image credit: svalis47 / reddit

#8. Two misfortunes: the car ended up (we don’t know how) in a swimming pool and the glass of the scale shattered into a thousand pieces.

image credit: sumcsu/imgur

#9. This traveler, once installed in his seat, realized that he was going to have a bad day: his screen is the only one that does not work.

image credit: airportspecial/reddit

#10. This man, once he has picked up his bananas, immortalized this scene: he will have to eat them all quickly before they spoil.

image credit: Flynnerrol/reddit

#11. Who, by opening a car door, could imagine having such bad luck? Can the mechanic fix it?

image credit: Mrencinas/reddit

#12. This person cut the bread because he was planning to make a sandwich, but he will have to change his plan.

image credit: bluebell959/reddit

#13. They were about to bring the birthday cake to the girl when things took an unexpected turn. And now, where will the candles be blown out?

image credit: Pot4DMasses/reddit

#14. She wanted to iron the rug but didn’t know that this was obviously the wrong fabric to put the iron on. Here is the result.

image credit: tonyalex8/imgur

#15. As is often the case, he had attached his bicycle to a lamp post, but that might not have been the most appropriate choice.

image credit: imgur

Chances are some of these things have happened to you too. Tell us your version of a “bad day”!

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