A Photographer Reveals The Tricks Of The Trade To Take Extraordinary Shots

His name is Jordi Koalitic, and he is a talented artist photographer from the city of Barcelona; thanks to his unusual shots and his incredible perspectives, he has received praise from the professional community and is very popular with Internet users thanks to his gallery published on his Instagram page, where he revealed the “tips” of the profession and behind the scenes of some of his most astonishing photographs. And this to reiterate once again that behind every masterpiece, there is always a story.

#1. Every prospect, even the most incredible, has a story of making it easier than you might think …

#2. An aquatic perspective that just needs a plastic bottle and a lot of skill!

#3. Did you ever imagine that a sparkler could bring this incredible photoshoot to life?

#4. Colorful flashing lights are captured by Jordi’s photographic lens as they move through space: a rainbow effect!

#5. As extraordinary as the shot is, remember that it’s all about … perspective!

#6. Even the circular movements of a sparkler can give birth to exceptional shapes and perspectives!

#7. Clear glass is all you need!

#8. Even the perfect cut of a kiwi can become a must-have photoshoot!

#9.Watch the extraordinary sea reflection on the surface of this smartphone!

#10. The movement of water that comes out of a crystal glass can generate the most magical photos!

Thanks to Jordi’s photographic talent and his tricks, the art of shooting has no secrets!

source: Insider

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