18 Restaurants that prove with their containers that the imagination has no limits

In order to offer a better service, restaurants seek to innovate in the presentation of their dishes. Of course, drinks could not be left out and that is what Reddit users demonstrated in a  topic , in which they share the images of the “containers” and the unusual way they are used.

We brought together some images that made many raise their eyebrows and ask themselves: why would anyone do that?

#1. “Rose latte in a bathroom-themed cafeteria in Seoul”

©  ButteryCats / Reddit

#2. One sip on your orange, one bite on your cheesecake … good combination

©  Diegorod1357 / Reddit

#3. “Coffee with pumpkin milk served in a pumpkin”

©  naturalpeachez / Reddit

#4. “How to handle this hot chocolate?”

©  divytandon / Reddit

#5. “It looks good, but why do this?”

©  Sams Barsol / Facebook

#6. “This is already ridiculous”

©  1JerryTheMouse / Reddit

#7. “Either ate or drank this beauty”

©  dropped_me_marbles / Reddit

#8. What could be more environmentally friendly than an edible cup?

©  madigolightly / Reddit

#9. “Coffee served in what appears to me to be a sauce bottle”

©  uwu69gamer / Reddit

#10. “A  smoothie of Oreo in a potted plant”

©  lillyofthewaters / Reddit

#11. “An espresso of matcha in a bowl”

©  wowshannon / Reddit

#12. Fifi would like that

©  redtryer / Reddit

#13. “This is the test tube tasting shelf at a nearby cafeteria”

©  darianjh96 / Reddit

#14. Maybe it’s not the best way to have a coffee …

©  Travie7861 / Reddit

#15. “Tea with milk in bags attached only by string”

©  sharonoelee / Reddit

#16. “A latte served on a Portobello mushroom”

©  TheTinyWenis / Reddit

#17. “My tea with pobá came in a lamp”

©  TrussBus / Reddit

#18. “My sister ordered a cookie at a cafe in Bangkok”

©  Ilan_Is_The_Name / Reddit

Do you like to give your dishes a new look? Do you think they were more appetizing like that?

image credit:ButteryCats / Reddit sharonoelee / Reddit

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