17 Pets That Couldn’t Resist The Temptation To Spoil Christmas

They relax us, entertain us, keep us company, but let’s face it: our dogs and cats manage to get us angry too. It is not uncommon, in fact, for them to achieve performances bordering on the absurd, spoiling and destroying almost everything that surrounds them and which they do not “like”.

And there is a time of year when these attitudes can reach very, very advanced levels Christmas. During the festivities, we all love to decorate and enrich the house with trees, cribs, ornaments, and anything that makes the atmosphere more warm and welcoming. All of these things are not always appreciated by our dogs and cats: intrigued by the novelty, and driven by an irresistible “destructive temptation”, they will surely prevent the decorations from reaching their destination until December 25th. If you have already understood the situations that we describe, you will certainly appreciate the 17 photos that we have put together below!

#1. Ben what? Everything is normal here.

image credit: mrObry/reddit

#2. He couldn’t resist the temptation to “shred” Christmas …

image credit: Imgur

#3. He has trouble understanding this story of wrapping gifts …

image credit: reddit

#4. Much better, isn’t it?

image credit: pazra/reddit

#5. Moments before the disaster …

image credit: Esme-Weatherwaxes/reddit

#6. And now who brings him out of there?

image credit: Bad_Choice_Beers/reddit

#7. He kept knocking out the balls and ornaments, so we put them higher: it upset him and it shows.

image credit: reddit

#8. Christmas decoration destruction problem solved!

image credit: hunterzz7/reddit

#9. What you see between his muzzle and his paws is a poor remnant of Santa Claus …

image credit: ConanaTheLibrarian / reddit

#10. He took them one by one and knocked them to the ground. Goodbye the tree.

image credit: oovesandHeartbeats/reddit

#11. He tries to put it back in place the better to drop it again.

image credit: cobalt_lightning/reddit

#12. Impossible to forget his first Christmas …

image credit: reddit

#13. We had to put it in a cage to make it “untouchable”!

image credit: HandyCrew am Hassel/Facebook

#14. Oh, is there a problem? No. Everything is fine !

image credit: Imgur

#15. He seems quite satisfied and not at all sorry …

image credit: Imgur

#16. My dog ​​probably thinks he’s a cat: the proof.

image credit: Imgur

#17. Nothing escapes its destructive force: if it decides to do it, rest assured that it will.

image credit: reddit

Have you ever experienced such situations with your pets during the holidays?

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