16 Design Ideas To Use As A Starting Point For Renovating Your Home

When we set foot in a new home, we try in every way to give our own style to the environment: special curtains, sophisticated furniture, are all ways to bring out our own personality. Design enthusiasts try to make their home unique in the world, with ideas and furniture that seem to come out of a movie set. If you’ve decided to renovate your home, here are 16 amazing ideas that might interest you!

#1. This fireplace is a true work of art!

image credit: Ancient Art of Stone/Facebook

#2. This garden has become a tropical oasis

image credit: ZYDECO CONSTRUCTION/Facebook

#3. Art for the bathroom!

image credit: fayeredd / imgur

#4. A hammock suspended above the stairs ….

image credit: OODA/Facebook

#5. A secret trapdoor hidden under the stairs!

image credit: KreativitaAlnspiracia / facebook

#6. An office with a truly fascinating library

image credit: Travis Price Architects

#7. A bedroom with panoramic floor overlooking the sea

image credit: dittidot/ imgur

#8. A custom-built aquarium for the stairs

image credit: Ihavenoideawhatishappening/ imgur

#9. A door with colored glass mosaic. Just enough to give that extra touch to your hallways!

image credit: Studio Armin Blasbichler

#10. Walls with galactic paint!

image credit: thegadgetflow

#11. A room can turn into a pirate galleon!

image credit: Kuhl Design Build LLC/Facebook

#12. The staircase has become the perfect home for this dog!

image credit: The Rodimels

#13. A coffee table with an aquarium with a very exotic look

image credit: iam4real/ reddit

#14. A cozy corner where children can relax

image credit: radamshome / imgur

#15. A lamp in the shape of a storm cloud!

image credit: cattle / imgur

#16. A floor with optical illusions

image credit: elleynad/imgur

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