He Renovates His Living Room And Discovers A 500-year-old Well With A Medieval Sword.

Have you ever wondered who lives in the house you live in or the places you go to every day? Sometimes we don’t think about it, but the places we usually find ourselves have a story of people, episodes, and objects that often over time are forgotten by all.

This is why, when these testimonies stand out, alive and present, they can surprise us more than anything. Colin Steer, a 70-year-old Englishman from Plymouth, knows this well. Under the living room of his house, he encountered up close a real piece of history, which he never knew existed.


image credit: Caters Clips/Youtube

The past always comes to the surface. One day, Colin, while renovating his living room, noticed a kind of “hollow” in the floor. Intrigued, he started digging under the house, starting an operation that lasted 10 long years. Then finally, the discovery.

Not only was there an ancient well under his house that had been built 500 years earlier, but this place also hid another amazing surprise. “It looked like some kind of leather casing with a sword, ” he said, and it was.


image credit: Caters Clips/Youtube

The clues, Steer says, would all lead to medieval times, but, in the absence of a specific date, the sword could be even older.

“I immediately thought that someone must have buried someone down there,” Colin continues, “and from that point on I decided to dig to see what I could find.”


image credit: Caters Clips/Youtube

The septuagenarian’s house was built in 1895, about 90 years before the man moved in in 1988. Until he hit the living room floor, he never thought such a treasure could. be hidden under there. None of us would probably imagine finding such a thing under the floor of our living room, would we?


image credit: Caters Clips/Youtube

“We’re still not sure why the well is there,” Colin said again. “We looked at old maps to try to determine its origin, but we had no results. Due to its size, we assumed it may have been used to feed animals or for two or three families. “


image credit: Caters Clips/Youtube

Currently Steer has dug more than 5 meters and intends to rehabilitate the old well, if not make it an integral part of the decor and design of the house. The well, meanwhile, has become a kind of attraction, not only for family and friends, but also for the many people who have read Colin’s story around the world. Who knows if this septuagenarian will find other wonders buried there , and above all, who knows how many other houses hide such treasures!

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