15 Relaxing Images Show How Little It Takes To Satisfy The Need For Perfection That Lurks In All Of Us

There are shapes, situations, and images which – due to their perfection – can make us immediately feel a sense of calm. The clutter, chaos, and confusion that surround us often put great stress on us, which can be alleviated with just a few photos. Even the messiest people have a perfectionist side, and in some circumstances, that side stands out strongly. Here are 15 photos that will satisfy your desire for harmony and counteract the chaos that surrounds us. We live with imperfections, which have an undeniable charm, but smooth surfaces, perfectly tidy bookcases, and proportionately growing pancake towers have power.

#1. The perfect way the leaves of these trees stay close together without ever really touching each other: an extremely relaxing panorama.

image credit: jeenamungles/reddit

#2. It is also possible to find perfection in the metro stairs: on one side you go up and on the other you go down, in an orderly way.

image credit: Faxmaq / pikabu

#3. The hangers in this box have been meticulously ordered: it almost looks like a hypnotic design.

image credit: maroonedscientist/reddit

#4. The road has been perfectly cleaned of snow: the contrast between the white and the black of the road surface is relaxing.

image credit: StugotzLobos/reddit

#5. Nature is also a perfectionist: she created this spiral flower with geometric lines that are nothing short of perfect.

image credit: Easygrowing/reddit

#6. A person photographed his friend’s library: he was delighted with it and decided to share this example of perfection and order.

image credit: Rufoid/reddit

#7. The satisfaction of opening the spreadable cream jar without creating imperfections on the surface is priceless.

image credit: cyclingthruspace/imgur

#8. On this bench, the snow has created a perfectly smooth geometric surface: a pleasure for the eyes.

image credit: cyclingthruspace/imgur

#9. This supermarket has meticulously ordered the vegetables: it almost seems a shame to put them in the basket and ruin everything.

image credit: Panthers/imgur

#10. A perfect tower of circular pancakes: if it is very appetizing, it seems a shame to eat them and destroy the tower.

image credit: DragonsCanBeBeaten/imgur

#11. The tap of water from the tap ends perfectly in the center of the pipe in the sink: millimeter precision.

image credit: DragonsCanBeBeaten/imgur

#12. Half of the orange goes into the glass container: it seems to have been created for this.

image credit: DragonsCanBeBeaten/imgur

#13. These shoes perfectly reflect the lines of escalators: a coincidence that gives satisfaction.

image credit: hemanth_k/reddit

#14. Ice has created a perfect mold for the parking meter: it will melt quickly, but first let’s seize the moment.

image credit: Exaitia / reddit

#15. In Germany, there is this bridge which creates a beautiful arch which is reflected on the water: a relaxing panorama.

image credit: hinklefinkledinkledo/reddit

We are constantly looking for perfection in imperfection, and these 15 people have been fortunate enough to capture them. Which photo immediately gave you a feeling of relaxation?

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