20 People Who Refused To Sell Their Property To Make Way For Roads And Buildings

Imagine for a moment that one fine day, unexpectedly, a representative of a large company shows up at your door and informs you that your house must be demolished to make way for a road, a skyscraper or a residential complex. or commercial.

It would certainly not be pleasant for anyone; many would not have the courage to oppose it and, perhaps prompted by a generous offer of money, would let modernity take its course. And yet there are many other people in the world who are determined not to sell what they have built and managed with so much effort over the years. We are talking about all those who resisted, despite everything, by forcing companies and institutions to bypass them. It is precise to them that the photographic gallery that we are going to show you is dedicated: discover 17 times when modernity has been thwarted by the will of some!

#1. This English farmer became a real symbol when he decided not to sell his property to build the M62 motorway

image credit: Maff17/reddit

#2. This tiny Seattle house, which the elderly owners refused to sell in favor of building a mall, inspired the movie “Up”.

image credit: LimeWizard/reddit

#3. The image speaks for itself: a real resistance!

image credit: Imgur

#4. An entire residential complex has been built around this bar, after the owner refused to sell!

image credit: AllCarsEatGas/reddit

#5. “I walk past each morning: this little house has almost been ‘swallowed up’ by the new buildings, but it is holding on!”

image credit: reddit

#6. One of the two owners of this building in Toronto decided he didn’t want to sell his half: here’s how they solved the problem!

image credit: Imgur

#7. We are in Poland: this farmer did not sell his land to developers, and takes care of it every day as if it were still in the countryside.

image credit: Imgur

#8. Between two skyscrapers in São Paulo, Brazil, there are those who have decided to resist to the end …

image credit: dosurf/reddit

#9. Right in the middle of a Chinese highway!

image credit: Imgur

#10. Randal Acker refused to sell his small Victorian house in downtown Portland, so a huge dormitory was built around it.

image credit: Imgur

#11. A small “island” in the middle of a vacant lot!

image credit: reddit

#12. Swallowed by urbanization!

#13. Here we are in China, in the province of Guangdong: this little house forced engineers and architects to adapt their bridge!

image credit: KantKay11/reddit

#14. Modernity and the past: the apartments did not manage to demolish this small building!

image credit: Rubilocks/reddit

#15. This small country house is resisting, thanks to its owner who does not want to sell it!

image credit: Imgur

#16. This Gothic-inspired residence, flanked by imposing buildings, is a true symbolic image!

image credit: Imgur

#17. Vera Coking refused to sell her house to Bob Guccione, who wanted to build his casino there. She later also refused to sell it to Donald Trump.

image credit: Imgur

#18. A house under the ramps of a highway: incredible!

image credit: Imgur

#19. Builders have been forced to adapt, not those who have been around for a long time.

image credit: Imgur

#20. This little house belongs to a man who never wanted to sell his land: they built a parking lot around it.

image credit: Wiccan_Rede/reddit

Have you ever seen houses like these? Their owners undoubtedly had a lot of courage!

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